Ascent’s AutoRecon© Trading (ART) is a reconciliation platform that offers a complete and readily configurable solution for Transaction Life Cycle (TLC) management in any STO.

Automated Solutions for Capital markets and investment
It pre-processes diverse kinds of data to ensure a smoother experience.
Automated Solutions for Capital markets and investment
ts data validation separates out the chaff & increases your productivity with high quality data for a variety of TLC processes.
Automated Solutions for Capital markets
Increase customer convenience with its data enrichment feature, that sources extra product information from reliable third parties.
Risk Management for Capital Markets
Its automated reconciliation process uses sophisticated & cutting edge technology to ensure that manual reconciliations are a thing of the past.
Insurance Risk Management Software Solutions
Handle transactions that stray from the norm using our highly simplified exception management system.
Risk in Capital Markets
Make informed business decisions and gain insight using our enterprise reporting feature.
Investment Risk Management
Ensure efficient distribution, wholesaling, and retailing with our smoothened downstream information flow.
Capital markets and investment management
Ensure a comprehensive record of risks through its risk repository, hence allowing for comparative analysis.
Investment Risk Management
Meet a variety of financial control needs regardless of the size of your enterprise through scalable features that allow for thorough data archiving and increased auditability.


With Ascent AutoBCM©, ensure that your business stays flexible and resilient through a variety of different cost-effective and cutting-edge features:
Automated Solutions for Capital markets and investment
With its end-to-end crisis & emergency management, ensure that you manoeuvre past the fallout of inevitable lapses.
Risk Management for Capital Markets
Track these crises as they unfold in real-time to ensure proactive management.
Capital markets and investment management
Get bonafide evidence for insurance claims to ensure that the show goes on.
Capital Markets Risk Assessment
Make your decision-making process visible to enable collaborative efforts in disaster mitigation.


With an advanced technology framework & user friendly design for our platforms, we’re ready to face any and every challenge that comes our way. Our teams consist of some of the best techno-functional analysts & experts in the industry, ensuring that you always get the best.
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