Ascent AutoRecon©, a cutting-edge & entirely-automated application, provides organizations with seamless matching of financial systems and more – in one package:

financial risk analysis software
Get multiple match rules for bank documents, reversal statement clearing, transaction marking, and much more.
Financial services
Ensure that provisions for errors and exceptions are seamlessly integrated into the processing rules themselves for a hassle-free experience.
financial services
Avoid unnecessary errors, risks, and exposure through our automated follow-up software.
bank reconciliation statement software
Straight Through Processing (STP) ensures streamlining of the reconciliation processes.
bank reconciliation statement software
Being a SaaS-3 level application, it serves multiple customers simultaneously & can be deployed institutionally for increased turnover.
Bank Reconciliation Software Online in India
Implementable at group/head office-level, web-access to the solution may be provided to various other locations of the organization.


Ascent AutoBCM© ensures total operational resilience in the face of any unforeseen financial crisis or mishap:
Reconciliation Platform Solution Provider
Assess future risks to your business through a variety of automated risk and disruptive scenario analyses.
financial risk management software
Formulate intelligent and elaborate continuity plans for you business using critical processes, strategy templates, and stand-down plans.
financial risk management solutions
With its live crisis management that includes real-time identification of impacted processes, ensure that your business sails through smoothly without any significant impact on turnover.
financial risk management tools
Analyze impacts of these risks to figure out your company’s appetite for it, and map out ways of preventing it from happening in the future.


With Ascent ProMart© Escrow, enhance & expand your escrow capabilities with a reliable, automated, and out-of-box system designed for the rapidly growing business needs of the current financial market:

Financial Risk Management Service
Simplify the process of registration & account opening at the developer level itself.
Risk Management Software for Financial Services
Conveniently validate all necessary documentation necessary for opening an escrow account.
Financial Services and Banking
Calculate all transaction & deposit-related information to generate relevant reports.
Audit Risk & Compliance Software for Banking & Financial Services
It fully meets Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) rules and guidelines, meaning that all your business requirements related to escrows are fully provided for in one package.


With an advanced technology framework & user friendly design for our platforms, we’re ready to face any and every challenge that comes our way. Our teams consist of some of the best techno-functional analysts & experts in the industry, ensuring that you always get the best.
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