Do away with manual controlling of data using cutting-edge automation Ascent AutoRecon© Retail Accounts brings you a host of different features to enhance the convenience and efficiency of retailing processes.

Risk management in telecommunication

Its automatic transaction matching introduces a world of ease & convenience to your transactions.

Retail Industry Compliance and Risk Management

Control all received funds automatically at every bank outlet.

Automated Solutions for Retail Services

With minimal human intervention, it makes reconciliation processing a lot easier and cost-effective.

retail risk management software

Customized reports for monthly accounts.

Risk Management in Retail Business

Its automated processes ensure that calculating IP, OP, and monthly differences become smooth and convenient.


Our Ascent AutoBCM guarantees business continuity and resilience in the face of all odds, ensuring a smooth experience for retailers.
retail risk management software
Its end-to-end crisis & emergency management ensures that you manoeuvre past any major or severe risk/disaster.
Retail Compliance Software
Use auto-generated bonafide evidence to easily get insurance in the aftermath of disasters.
Risk Management in Retail Business
Deal with crises as they happen using live crisis management.
risk management in retail industry
Analyze impacts of these risks to figure out your company’s appetite for it, and map out ways of preventing it from happening in the future.


Given how important escrow accounts are to retailers,
Ascent Escrow ProMart – a cutting-edge,
out-of-box system – is especially designed with the requirements of retailers in mind.

Government Sector Regulatory Compliance Software

Get all escrow-related requirements under one umbrella with the product following all of the guidelines laid down by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

Insurance Risk Management Software Solutions

Electronically store all escrow-related documents for further scrutiny.

retail risk management software

Automatically generate reports from all transaction & deposit-related information.

risk management software for insurance companies

Now available at the developer-level, the process of registering & account-opening has never been simple.


With an advanced technology framework & user friendly design for our platforms, we’re ready to face any and every challenge that comes our way. Our teams consist of some of the best techno-functional analysts & experts in the industry, ensuring that you always get the best.
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